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Customer Feedback About our Excellent Quality Vector Conversions

vector conversion of helicopter

“I got the vector artwork, and as usual it looks phenomenal!”

Tom H. ~ Covington, OH

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vectorize image of a motor

“That is killer. Awesome! My customer was thrilled with the final product. ”

Shannon M. ~ Kilmarnock, VA

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vector conversion of a mascot

“This is perfect thanks so much for getting it done so fast!”

Leyland S. ~ Huntington, N.Y.

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Frequently Asked Questions About our Vectorizing Service

faq jpg to vector

“How quickly after submitting my order will I receive my vectorized artwork?”

24-hours or less. In most cases, the same day. Quicker vector conversions are available by requesting a rush.

faq jpg vectorized

“How can I view the vector conversion? Do I need special vector software?”

In addition to your vectorized EPS, you will receive a vector PDF duplicate for reference.

faq image vectorizer

“What if my original JPEG image is small and low-resolution?”

Please send it to us for a quote. We're quite crafty and can most likely vectorize it.

faq vectorize a jpeg

“Can you make changes to my raster image in the process of redrawing it?”

Colors, image scale and fonts can be modified. We strive to improve submitted artwork in our vectorizing process.

faq vectorize a jpeg

“Which image format do you accept to vectorize?”

We accept JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF images; if you can view it on a monitor, then we can utilize your image for vector conversion.

faq jpg vectorized

“Are you an American-based company? I'm concerned about a language barrier.”

A: We are located in Northern California. International orders are accepted, provided communication is in English.

faq image vectorizer

“I often have batch images to vectorize. Can you bill me at monthly intervals?”

For customers who send a high volume of vector conversions, billing is available.

faq jpg to vector

“I need to vectorize some line art. Can you convert a scan as clean vector EPS artwork?”

Our talented designers will develop your sketch into a professional vectorized logo which any printshop can use.

Need a low-resolution image vectorized fast?

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