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Vector Conversion of JPG, GIF, and PNG images to EPS art.

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VectorQuick is a service which redraws jpegs, gifs, and pngs in vector format using design industry standard software. The converted EPS, PDF, or Illustrator vector graphic can then be utilized for printing banners, signs, published material, and t-shirts.

In most cases, artwork is turned in less-than twenty-four-hours.

Unlike many competitors, jpg, gif, and png images are always converted to vector format by hand tracing using Adobe Illustrator, rather than using imprecise automated software. This method insures that lines and shapes appear smoother, and your final product looks more professional (view a comparison here).

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How much to convert images to vector?

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A more complex image takes more time to redraw in vector format. Please use the following examples as a guide for choosing which rate applies to your image.

basic rate of JPEG to Vector Conversion
moderate rate of JPG to Vector EPS
detailed rate of JPG to EPS conversion
custom quote for convert to vector

Frequently Asked Questions

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